Thursday, June 09, 2005


Tagged !!

Now I have no idea as to what is this all about, just that it seems like a chain which I am supposed to continue. People who are very curious can try to track back the trail starting from Iyer's Blog or Chordia's blog.
Three names I go by -
1. Aneesh
2. Reddy
3. Jhapu.
Many more names which should not be mentioned here.
Three Screen Names-
1. aneesh_sgc
2. aneeshreddy
3. aneesh_iitkgp
Three things I like about myself-
1. Being Passionate about things.
2. My friends circles and the very trustworthy friends I have.
3. A clean logical mind.
Three things I don't like about myself-
1. My hair (or rather the scarcity of hair)
2. I am probably too formal sometimes.
3. The fact that I dont like to mix friends and family, I don't know why I dont like something like this happening.
Three things that scare me-
1. Horror movies
2. Mass Telugu movies
3. Ramu.. all KGPians are similarly scared. I mean both the wing waala Ramamanthan and insti waala Ramanujam.
Used to be hazaar frightened of Lizards and cockoroaches before KGP, don't make a difference now.
Three Essentials-
1. Cellphone
2. Money
3. Good food
Three things I like in opposite sex-
1. The independence their vocal chords have, it seems they never have anything to do with the brain.
2. Hazaar patience: They can spend hours shopping and in the end buying nothig at all.
3. Massive Dumbness: There is some saying which goes like....... Massive Dumbness is a sure way to sucess.
Just kidding, am not really sure if I am a right person to answer this question atleast at such a public forum.
Three things I want to do badly right now-
1. Prepare for GRE /TOEFEL /GMAT, the dates are very near, and I am really not puting in any effort.
2. Finish some old projects and some new projects ......... I will do 108 pradakshinas at the Chilkur Balaji temple if I can finish all four of them by september this year.
3. Go on a month long holiday with my friends.... either LFHS party or with the wing or anyone.
Three careers I am considering right now-
1. Any Techno - Managerial post.
2. Consultant after an MBA
3. A real estates business. One real high return on investment business, atleast in Hyderabad, that is if you are ready to wait for a few years, I am not sure about this elsewhere.
Three places I want to go on vacation-
1. France and Europe.
2. Arctic or Antartic circle.
3. Africa... spend a month or two in the safaris with a select group of friends.
Three kids names I like-
1. Aanya
2. Ishaan
3. Aryan
Three things to do before dying-
1. To build a nice house with a Chandni Bar(thats what my room is called in KGP) and a swimming pool.
2. To buy my dad a Merc (strictly with money I earn)
3. Take a six months break from all work and go on a nice holiday around the world.
Now the best part--
Three winners who have to take this quiz-
Tinni :
U can get the idea from iyer's blog given above.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Bangi Trip and all that....

Its been some time that I blogged. Well firstly the trip to Bangalore and Coorg. Simply amazing. It was a very nice reunion. After five years, we finally executed a holiday plan. It was worth the bunks, it was worth everything. Coorg is a lovely place. Lots of hills and jungles and coffee estates, abd ofcourse waterfalls. I guess will log details of the trip, wit some help from Karthik (urf tiks). I had posted a poem of his a few months ago. My training supervisor was off on some emergency work to BARC, Bombay. So he never even came to know about my trip. Nevermind him. I am going to ask him tomorrow, to give me a break so that I can atleast mug the wordlists for GRE. Well me having all the time in the world, but I am really not working or reading. All I am doing is sleep... eat.. chat ... orkut... and freak out with my friends...... Should get started with something more concrete. Chalo then hopefully..... Karthik should start posting by tonight.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Summer Training Week 2

Was a bit busy this week, so no blogs. Well going on holiday to Bangalore, Coorg with my school friends. Been really long since the 7 of us went out together and a week long holiday (me bunking training :) ..) should really be fun. Coorg is supposed to be a treking paradise, hope to do some treking. Besides got to meet a lot of people in Bangi....... KP, Golz. VKC etc etc. On the whole hopefully will have a great outing.

Now coming to the week gone by, well my training was peacefull, my guide was onleave for two days and monday was a holiday at NFC. On the whole a very peaceful week at training. Lets see how my guide reacts to my week long holiday.

On the monday my parents took me to a famous temple outside Hyderabad called the Chilkur Balaji temple, 1 hour drive from hyderabad. Something very different about this temple is that they do not accept any dakshinas or offerings, no monetary offerings, no hundis etc. But they have this funda called 'pradakshinalu'... ie going around the temple. Devotees 'pay back' by doing 108 pradkshinas. My parents made me do 11. Now isnt that a bit too much 108 rounds of the temple. And you should have seen the junta doing it...... atleast 100 -200 of them.

One bad thing happened on the monday.... my grand mother had a sudden attack of asthama, she had to be admitted to the ICU. We went to visit myu grandparents on our way back from the temple, my grandmom was down with fever, nothing serious actually had visited on the Sunday and she was all fine. She suddenly had a bout of asthama, and we had to rush her to the ICU, never seem my Mom, who is a doctor so tensed up, and never seen my granny so weak. All is fine now,should be discharged in a day or two. They said that it was due to Carbon-di-oxide accumulation or something. But where it affected most was that my parents had to do night duites with my grand mom in the hospital and that meant that we could really not celebrate my parents aniversary. So all the plans I had made for the anniversary will probably be put into action next year.

Some of my juniors are doing thier summers at BARC, at the place I had done my summers last year, and BARC is a masto place, arbit things happened to us last year, it seems even they will have a similar time .............. Hoping that they enjoy the place.

Rest is all fine.... looking forward to the bangi trip.... will upload some pics. The last time we went on a trip to Ponidchery it was simply amazing.

Bought the novel Deception Point by Dan Brown, hope to finish it in the train.

Chalo then......

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Summer Trainign Day 5 & 6

Well day 5 came early again. Lets see what my guide has to say.

Day 6 was the first BUNK :)) I have never been this big a rouge in my life and trust me I am actually liking being a rouge. Well the training is also that boring. Anyways started my GRE preparation. It seems I am goign to have a tough time mugging the wordlists...... any help in this regard will be appreciated. Just finished 2 wordlists with great dificulty.. lets see how mcuh I remember tomorrow.

Watched Kingdom Of Heaven on the friday, must say a decent movie. Orlando Bloom is a big give away. The rest of the movie is great. Some of the war scenes are simply amazing. A can watch for everyone.

Thats it for now.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Summer Training Day 3 & 4

Well day 3 was a real long one. We had the NFC awareness programme. 9:30 - 4:30 funda about Indias Nuclear Power Programme and abt NFC etc etc. On the whole a very boring day but went okay thanks to the AC in the lecture halls. Did my GRE booking finally. GRE on July 4th and TOEFEL on July 7th.

Day 4 was good in the sense that I came back at 12:30 instead of staying 5. Supposedly NFC is open even on saturdays... I am not going... will act as if I didnt know this.. incase my guide asks me why I was absent. Trying to get hold of a soft copy of the trainign report of some local engineerign college students who are finishing their project here. Its a 90 page reot. Should do a lot of good if I can get the soft copy.

Haan one more thing. The second monday of every month is a holiday at NFC. So will have an extended weekend. Started reading THE FOUNTAINHEAD today, hope will like the novel Plan to read some 10 - 15 novels by July should help for my GRE/ TOEFEL.

Chalo then have fun.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Summer Training Day 2

Well it seems.... I am going to have a really frust summer... frust even by my standards.... met my guide today...... he starts of bickering about IITIANS and IIT. He seems to have had a look at the training certificate proforma sent by the institute. (No of days actally attended: Leave applied: etc etc if any being the irritating questions) No bunking!!!!!! Morning 9 - 5 evening !!!!! Must report daily to him. And whats worse...... inhouse practical training matlab main ITI ka degree lene waala hoon NFC se. Anways kaatad his 5 pm plan reached home at 3.

I hope something gets through his senses and I can have a peacfull summer.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Summer Training Day 1

Well arrived in Hyderabad yesterday and joined my training at Nuclear Fuel Complex today. Well first things first the place sucks big time. I was just thinking if going back to BARC was a better option. I just hope they leave me with out too much work. I would prefer a train ing where I can bunk atleast 15 out of the 45 days and come off around 1 pm from a 9 - 5 training period. I think having strong plan B 's is as important as plan A's. Inevitably in my case I always have to fall back on plan B. Anyways some advantages with internship in Hyd is I can give my GRE / TOEFEL / GMAT. Lets see how much I can read for them.

Was gettign horribly frust of Hyderabad. KGP is one place which grows on you. Was missing my wingies and friends. Luckily my school friends drop by to surprise me, and we went out for dinner and icecreams..... Hopefully shouldnt miss KGP as much.

One good thing, me going for a 24x7 internet connection. Will be online full time. It is actually very cheap just Rs 400, fibre based network.

Chalo then.... take care... and have a good summer training.